Business Consultancy

These include value proposition of the technology, defining of markets or targeted industry or the customer needs, financial projections, milestones and risk planning and creating a business plan document.The supported entities however will have to pay for specific transactions. Incubatees can avail these services on a shared basis or on a need basis.

Technical Consultancy

These include road-maps to the technology, creation of strategy &; due diligence. Emphasis will be given on consultancy of raw material availability, product development, design, sealing &; packaging for prototypes, instrumentation, study design, scientific software, informatics, and scientific services


BioNEST IASST will provide networking with Domains Experts, Industry experts, Consultants, Venture Capitalist and other funding agencies. BioNEST IASST will help startup connects to various industries like Private and Government sector including Manufacturing, IT in their incubation lifetime. BioNEST IASST can connect to any peer company playing same role in the industry. IASST have well spun network of investors, marketing agencies and manufacturers who are always ready to help deserving entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses.

Fund Facilitator

BioNEST IASST provides fund facilitator support to Incubatees to encourage and foster technological entrepreneurship by planning & matching startup capital requirements with appropriate sources of funding; ranging from governmental agencies (eg. DST, MoMSME to angels investors and professional investors such as venture capital firms.


Our Advisors and mentors have decades of experience and belong to top-notch institutions of India and abroad.In-house experts will provide professional or expert advice in area such as Biomedicine, Biophysics, Biochemistry, Biomedical Device, Biotechnology, Phytopharmacology, Nanotechnology, Bioprocess engineering etc. In-house expert’s primary role will be to assist startup as an educator or a catalyst, a resource, or a facilitator. The Mentors of BioNEST IASSTwill provide advice on how best to modify new technologies so that they become patentable and commercially viable in India.

IPR Consultancy

The IPR team will ensure to identify patentable technologies with emphasis on technologies suitable for India. Primarily it will focus on patentability of an invention in a particular jurisdiction, Infringement issues, Technical processing of IP inventions, Prior Art Reporting, Technical Patent Drafting (including suggested claims) and ultimately can guide the incubatees in protecting their innovations.There are multiple national/international attorneys attached to this centre and all start up ventures in BioNEST IASST are allowed to interact and take help of this team for IP consultancy for filing the patents on subsidized rate.

Legal Consultancy

Idea validation from a legal and regulatory standpoint, including advising on founder legacy issues and legal execution of the business idea will be taken care by our Legal Consultant team. These include company incorporation, financial & accounting setup, HR processes, regulatory requirements, etc. BioNEST IASSTshall advice on negotiations, best practices, tax impact and investment documentation (such as term sheets, shareholder agreements, etc). BioNEST IASST will advise legal mechanisms to address strategic initiatives such as employee stock incentives, innovation/patent pipelines and protection strategy, product development and commercialization by licensing (in-licensing, out-licensing, cross licensing), contract manufacturing, co-development, etc.), mergers & acquisitions, business alliances, joint ventures and sale of business.

Training & Workshop

BioNEST IASST conduct regular workshops, seminars and lectures in specific areas of biotechnology, Instrumentation and entrepreneurship. These will be open to students, industry personnel and incubatees. BioNEST IASST offers training programs to course finishing students and fresh employees in the following modules namely: Handling of Sophisticated Instruments, Cell & Molecular Biology techniques, Microbiology & Fermentation techniques, Analytical & In-Process Development. This unique course offers an opportunity to gain experience in cutting edge technology, process and analytical tools prior to pursuing their career.