"IASST Social Venture & Entrepreneurship Council", or "ISVEC" , dedicated to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, is a non-profit academic–industry interface organization. It is established within the campus of Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology( IASST), Guwahati. It aims to promote commercialization of the innovations by IASST, as well by other organisations of North-Eastern India . Established in 2017, ISVEC provides business incubation facilities at IASST campus, for the start-up firms.

Srasta (स्रष्टा ) is a Sanskrit word, which means ‘the one who creates’. ISVEC holds the entrepreneurs as the creators of solutions, jobs and GDP. Hence the website of ISVEC is named on the Srasta.

IASST is an autonomous premier R&D organisation under the Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India. Established in 1979 by Nobel Laureate Dorothy C. Hodgkin, IASST is engaged in multi disciplinary research activities, both in fundamental and applied, across frontier areas of science and technology such as Plasma physics, Polymer Sciences, Biochemistry, Drug design & development, Nano-science, Medicinal plants, Seri biotechnology, Microbial biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Microbial Fuel Cell etc.

Board of Directors

1. Prof. Ashis Kumar Mukherjee, Director, IASST.

2. Prof. N. Sen Sarma, Prof. PSD, IASST.

3.  Prof. Devasish Chowdhury, Prof. PSD, IASST.

4. Dr. Mojibur R Khan, Assoc Prof. LSD, IASST.

5. Dr. Arup Ratan Pal, Assoc Prof. PSD, IASST.

6. Dr. Debajit Thakur, Assoc Prof. LSD, IASST.

7. Dr. Arundhati Devi, Assoc Prof. LSD, IASST.