List Of Surveys by ISVEC

Survey on Incubation Requirement

It is a matter of immense pleasure to intimate all the scientific, academic and start-up community of the north-eastern India, that the upcoming incubation centre at Institute of Advanced Study in Science & Technology (IASST), Guwahati, has been selected by M/s BIRAC, an enterprise of Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, for implementation of their programme “BIOINCUBATORS NUTURING ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOR SCALING TECHNOLOGIES” (BioNEST) for establishing a “Full Spectrum Bio-incubator for NER at IASST”. This Bio-incubator shall endeavour to cater to the incubation requirements of a large group of stake holders of north-eastern India, including, but not limited to –
  1. Academic & Research Organisations
  2. Grass root Innovators and the innovators from academic institutes
  3. Start-up companies
  4. Commercial enterprises, who want to develop any new products or validate get validated technical claims of their products

To understand the requirements of the community, a survey has been initiated by ISVEC, and you are invited to participate and to invite others for participation in this survey, by clicking  here.

With Warm Regards
N.C. Talukdar
IASST, Guwahati

Survey on Start-up Research Park

Secretary, ISVEC solicits your opinion on a new concept of  “Start-up Research Parks”. In this concept, the industries, primarily the MSME sectors, can get access to R&D with minimal expenditures, while it can open an entirely new dimension of career option for the technically trained youth in R&D. Based upon your recommendation, the matter may be put forward before the competent authorities.

Required time for the survey – max. 5 minutes
Your reactions to this survey can change the course of R&D in India. 

Give your views now . Click here

With Due Regards

A.K. Chakraborty
Secretary, ISVEC
IASST, Guwahati