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Launch of Surface Coated Bell Metal Products, using Plasma Technology

Bell Metal has been an age old cottage industry of Assam. However the virgin bell metal has problem of corrosion with consequence of discard and replacement of bell metal product within few years. IASST has developed a plasma coated technology which not only protects the bell metal from corrosion but also helps in protecting its luster for more than 10 years. This classic plaque of Kamakhya Temple hand casted by local artisans is coated by plasma technology made foir visitors to this holy shrine to percolate memory of Ma Kamakhya. The coating carries warranty of 60 months. Each plaque has been given a unique QR Code for checking its authenticity online

On 25-06-2018, IASST Social Venture and Enterprenourship Consotium (ISVEC ), a Incubation Centre of IASST soft launched this product in a humble manner during the Ambubachi mela (An annual Hindu mela held at Kamakhya Temple).

The members of ISVEC and IASST held a brief interaction with the officials of the Assam Tourism Development Corporation Ltd (ATDC) at the Prashanti Tourist Lodge near Kamakhya Temple, and explained the potential of this product as an ideal souvenir from Assam.

Sri Pranjal Sarma (ph: +91-9678000408), became a distribution channel partner for displaying the product at his shop near Kamakhya Temple gate and for booking orders.

The plaque will be an important collection for keeping  afresh the memories of visit to Kamakhya temple and the north-eastern India.