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Interactive session with innovators on R&D commercialisation

    • 28-02-2018
    • ISVEC-Interactive session
    • An interactive session was organised by ISVEC on on R&D commercialization and start-up formation, on 28-02-2018. The resource personnel included Prof. Shantikam Hazarika (Founding Director, AIM); Dr. N. C. Talukdar (Director, IASST);  Mr. Subhasish Ghosh (Founder Seenergi IPR);  Mr. Siddhartha Lahkar (Asst. Manager, NEDFI ); Mr. Sooraj Bajoria  (Chartered Accountant) and Mr. Gopal Chandra Taparia (Chartered  Accountant). The questions were asked on the subjects like Start-up formation, venture funding, filing and commercialization of patents, marketing of innovations, technical supports by IASST, etc.
    • To make the interaction understandable by the maximum number of audiences, the SEcretary of ISVEC conducted the session in Hindi.