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Exhibition of Innovations

27-28th February 2018

An “Exhibition of Innovation”was held in IASST campuson the National Science Day, 2018, in a grand manner. Along with the R&D outputs of IASST, around 50 innovators from across north-eastern India exhibited their innovations in the event.
The villagers from Bakarapara and Kallapara villages of Rani Block, Kamrup, Assam also displayed many rural products and machineries. More than 1500 visitors attended the event.

ISVEC under IASST, took special initiatives to carry forward the innovations to their intended beneficiaries. Despite of their extremely busy schedule, personnel from Guwahati Municipality Corporation; Guwahati Blind School; Mr. Anupam Dutta, Sr. Faculty, State Institute of Panchayat & Rural Development (SIPRD); Mr. Palash Ranjan Gharphalia, ACS, Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Government of Assam; villagers from Grameen Sahara, and Mr. Subha Jyoti Bharali, founder of Asomi Group visited the exhibition on special request, and held fruitful interactions with the innovators.
Along with many scientists of national and international reputation, eminent innovator Mr.Uddhab Bharali, famous as the ‘Machine Man’; leading woman entrepreneur of North EastIndia, Ms. Tanushree Hazarika; and patent attorney,Mr. Subhasish Ghosh, Founder/Partner of Seenergi IPR, Kolkata also delivered talks. Mr.Uddhab Bharali took special interest in the machineries developed by the villagers of Rani block.
Some important innovations shown:
  • MOTHER SHELTER (A portable flood relief camp)

By Mr. Sanjib Sabhapandit ,

Mother Shelter is a modular, mobile floating shelter for flood relief. It consists of 10 modules, viz., (1) barge with rain harvesting roof (2) bathroom (3) latrine (4) reusable septic tank (5) pressurised water chamber with spray nozzle (6) 10 – 15 W solar lighting system (7) collapsible study table & chair (8) wood briquette or wood fired modified cooking stove (9) water filtration system for drinking & cooking and (10) collapsible covered frame to house the above. During flood large number of victims require to stay almost under open sky for about 10-15 days on streets or high lands without access to basic needs such as clean and potable water, hygienic cooking, bathing and toilet facilities. Basic comforts are not available to children and the sick. The prototype can be kept ready as temporary shelter ahead of the flood season, used and then dismantled, cleaned and stored for future use. Disaster Management authorities may try this innovation during  handling of floods.

  • NIRMAL (A Domestic Solid Waste Management Device)
    By Mr. Sanjib Sabhapandit ,

NIRMAL is a device to segregate, handle and process domestic solid wastes eliminating the dirty and inhuman waste segregation by men/women/children on the streets and garbage. Municipality bodies may use this innovations to segregate biodegradable materials and plastic in  their waste dumping yards.

  • Disaster Transitional Shelter Kit

By Kankana Narayan Dev, Guwahati ,

This innovation is a user assembly modular shelter kit.  The prototype development has been supported by ASTECH.


By Aminuddin Ahmed, Sibsagar

This is an eco-friendly, low-cost and mobile machine to ward off the elephants from human habitations without physically harming the animals. This machine can ward off the elephants, from a distance of 500 to 1000 meters , using laser, ultrasonic waves and infrared, and sound. This machine has been tested near forests in Sibsagar ditrict of Assam, and the result has been encouraging. The product is registered with National Innovation Foundation.


By Nilutpal Barua, Guwahati ,

It is a low cost artificial arm for amputees. This uses EMG sensor to read the signal acquired from the left over portion of the amputed arm and then feed those signals to a mechanical hand to make the corresponding movement as desired by the user.

The innovators require involvement of medical professionals to take refine the innovation and field trials.


By Yoshini Bailung, Guwahati ,

This innovation guides sound signals using laser.


By Bhagban Baruah, Jorhat,

Many useful chemicals, such as sodium bicarbonate , successfully made by Mr. Baruah, from organic sources like banana, etc. were displayed.  Mr. Baruah has successfully marketed many of these products, and now seeks some industrial partner to scale up the production.